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How do I know if my actual day required 8 hours / 10 hours videography?
For dinner weddings 8 hours is preferred if there isn't any auspicious timing.
For lunch weddings 10 hours is suggested provided :
- Our start time is 6am or earlier
- You might not have any time for outdoor/indoor bridal party shoot before the banquet so we suggest to do it after the banquet. 
- Your banquet ends around 3 - 4pm.

What is the expected time needed for same day highlight video (Morning highlight)?
For lunch, we required 2.5 to 3 hours. Because the time taken is shorten due to schedule, hence an additional top up is required for every Lunch Banquet.
For dinner, we required around 6-7 hours which would be done by 8 pm

Will all the raw footages be returned back to us?
Unless stated in the package, for the whole footages returned, there is an additional charges of $600.

Do we need to prepare meals for you? 

We only required meals from you should our hours booked is more than 4 hours & we are covering your banquet. Meals like chicken rice/Mac or any hawker food will do.

What are the selection style for Pre-wedding I can consider?
We have at least 3 different style of pre-wedding for you to choose from :
Home based - We shoot purely around your neighbourhood plus your home. So it will be like a raw interview kind with no limitation
Classic - The whole video will be revolving about conversation of both of you from present to future thoughts.
Narrative - It will be more on an artistic direction where you relate your love relationship to a certain things in life ( for example love is like catching a bus or our relationship is like a pinic etc.) From there, we need the couple help to come out with the narration of the video and we will work out the video direction.
We do offer other style like  MTV or crazily fun. Let us know what your expectation 

How is your term and condition for payment like? 
We require a 50% deposit (non-refundable) upon confirmation and the balance payment upon 1 week after your actual day.
Our deposit is transferable within 1 year if there is any adjustment to your schedule. However, in light of COVID19, should current Singapore situation worsen, deposit is deemed refundable back to you should you request.
Speak to us for a special rate if you are refer to by our ex-couple / friends.

What if we do not have any solemnisation/speeches on our actual day? Will the video still look good? 
While we personally recommend to have either of one in the video, however should you really do not plan to have either of it, we will wish to have a chat with you to see what matter the most in the actual day so we try to emphasise more towards that direction.
In short we shall cater to your request if is within our means :)

Do you work with other vendors like photography, make up, bridal gown?
Yes we do. Speak with us to hear more and enjoy a collaboration discount cater to your liking.

What is the turnaround time for us to receive all the videos?
It will be between 6 - 8 weeks after the actual day shoot.
For prewedding video will be 1 months after the actual shoot.

What if I do not want Same Day Highlight video, will your price be reduced?
 Unfortunately our price is fixed with no reduction even if you decide to remove one of our deliverables, however we do allow exchange of another items like :
1.) All raw footages returned
2.) Mini Pre-wedding video customised to you

All these exchange has no additional cost and feel free to check with us should you need more clarification. 

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